The Fitness Fall Off

I know that we have all done this at one point or another.
You just get the hang of juggling things, get into a groove and routine.
You are pretty proud of yourself actually, thinking to yourself “ I have work, rent, food, health habits and a healthy social life locked down. I, am the greatest! ”.

Right when you get cozy is when life throws one to many items your way and the juggling act you nearly perfected becomes wild flailing arms trying to keep some things from crashing abruptly to the floor.




 The mess that it makes is unpleasant to say the least, but you being the amazing person you are some how managed to keep the basics in tact, your work, rent, food.
The only problem is that your healthy habits and social life took a beating.


This is where I am at right now.


You see I recently finished my first year of college, that was a sprint that I approached as a marathon runner.
But somehow I managed to keep everything intact.
I had a really good fitness regime partially because of my classes partially because I just love the gym.
But school has been out for a while now and I have not been training as consistently as i should be. As a personal trainer and fitness motivator am not happy about it and starting to feel the effects of lack of training.

I am 200 pounds @ 14% body fat.
A few months ago I was 185 pounds @ 8% body fat with a BMI of about 19.

This change is not for the better. My over all performance has decreased.
Now I am trying to build up my muscles and performance while losing fat weight weight.
My goal is to become 225 in  over the next year @ 8% body fat.

I may have had a fitness fall off for a short amount of time but I am getting back in the gym and back into my skin.

Join me on this journey to becoming more fit, you can do it along with me by following my work outs and tweaking them to your specific needs.
If you want more information check out my Youtube page, you can follow along with my workout routines

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