Resistance Loop Bands

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  • PROUD TO BE CANADIAN  We know Canadians lead an active lifestyle like no other. That's why Elevans bands are designed by your fellow Canadians and made for our fellow Canadians!
  • PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY ‒ Elevans bands are made of 100% natural latex and have been UPDATED to be thicker and higher quality. We are thoroughly committed to ensuring our products meet what customers are looking for—quailty and durability. No more breaks, snappages or rolling!
  • CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS ‒ We are proud to offer our customers the choice of bands in two sizes: 10-inch and 12-inch. The 10-inch bands are ideal for upper body workouts and people with smaller stature. Our 12-inch bands are perfect for lower body/leg workouts and full-body stretching. Correct bands for the correct exercise will ensure a seamless experience without rolling or snapping.
  • VERSATILE & FITNESS MUST-HAVE ‒ Our bands are clearly marked with five levels of resistance. They are excellent for a wide range of uses, from adding a new intensity to your workouts, to physical therapy and rehabilitation of injuries. Elevans bands are also perfect for workout programs such as Jaguar, Beast , BeachBody, A Little Obsessed, P90X etc.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE FOR LIFE ‒ At Elevans, we just want our customers to be 100% happy and nothing else! If you don't love your bands, don't worry! Let us know and we will gladly replace your bands or refund your money.